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A Description of the “Sacred Fire Energies of Creation Chart” Above

Your “true” home is in what is known to us as The Great Central Sun. In other terms, All That Is, Source, God, Great Spirit as well as The One.

The Great Central Sun

When the Creator determined to Create Creation, in that same instant, all souls that were necessary for this were individuated out of All That Is. And so, in the All That Is, referred to as the Great Central Sun each one of us has a “Presence”. This Presence is known as the “I AM” Presence. Each soul within the Creation has this “I AM” Presence.

• This is our “true” home from which you really cannot leave. Thus, the “true” You is always at home in the Great Central Sun of All That Is.

• This also means that since All That Is has no beginning and no end, in truth You have never had a beginning and will have no end. As the Creator is infinite and always was and always will be, thus so are you. As you are not ever apart from the Creator.

• At home, your form of existence is known as a state of being. In this state of being there is no need to go anywhere or to seek anything. The whole of All That Is, works in tandem with you. And so, in this state all is known and all is understood by you. You know the whole plan of the Divine, as you are the Divine. From the Oneness or Wholeness of All That Is, your view is always as the Divine Individuated. This is known as The One Is the ALL and The All Are the One. This always has been and always will be.

• This confirms that you are a part of the existence. And as such, you cannot leave existence. For All That Is, could not be All That Is without you in the Creation/Creator. Non-existence is already full of that which does not exist. And so is All That Is full of all of the whole of existence. You are an individuated eternal Divine being directly from the Creator, or God.

• There is truly no space and time as we know it in this realm. For All That Is, is complete within itself without the need for these as All That Is, is One and Whole.

• The whole of Creation and the Creator are pure consciousness.  In the Realm of All That Is as well as within Creation everything underlying it all is consciousness. These are known as the waters of creation.

The Void

The Creation begins from the Void. In the Void is the “blank slate” from which the Creator began the Creation that we are in at this time. From this Void is where the material comes into manifestation within the Creation. For All That Is has anything and everything the Creation could ever need. And the Creator Created the Creation Perfectly.


When the Creator began manifesting the Creation the Creator separated certain aspects of the Individuated Whole to perform certain functions of energy within the Creation. Thus, some took on roles as Angels, and others as Galactic Beings. Some beings within All That Is, perform attributes such as the “Magnetic Master” Kryon. And all who chose to were given the opportunity to experience the Creation. In fact, the instruction from the Creator was for All That Is to go and try all things within the Creation.

And yet, any who chose to of the individuated I AM Presence’s can take a journey observing the Creation and partaking in the Creation in a journey of coming into the understanding of the Creator and the Creation from direct experience. We each sought out this experience within the Creation. And this journey is truly a spiritual journey. A spiritual journey back to the Source or All That Is.

Now the Creation and the Creator has always been and always will be perfect. All That Is, is perfect. And yet within the perfection, by having further perfected experiences the One and the All further perfect their perfection. This is the joy and privilege of the One and The All.

Time Within Creation

Within the Creation is time and space. This is the aspect that exists in our part of Creation. In the Whole of All That Is, space and time are not necessary. And, yet for those of us within Creation time is all in the now. All That we perceive of as past and future are really within the now of time. And yet, as you go further down in frequency within Creation time seems to be more linear. While in reality all time is now, you may have the experience of time passing within your reality. When you are at a 3rd to 4th dimensional level, you perceive time as being linear and passing with a definite past and a definite now and un uncertain future. And yet, the truth of it is that you create your past and future potentials from the now. For neither future, nor past are a stable occurrence within one stream of time. All is generated from the now.  

Within the Creation the first division of All That Is took place. And the first manifestations began. Within the first division is the Male aspect or Spirit and the Female aspect or Spirit. For within the Whole of All That Is, there is no separation of a Male and Female for they are combined into the Whole.
Within the first separation the Male Energy was known as Consciousness while the Female Energy was known as Spirit or Holy Spirit Energy. The male energy thought and the female energy created or birthed the manifestations of the male thought.


The Creation further segmented itself into Spirit Forms for the Creation.

Group Souls

The Creation further separated into Groups of Souls based on frequency resonance. These group souls function at a level were no physical body is necessary. They function as a Collective Whole of a group of souls that are similar. This would be those such as the Ra group soul who brought us the Law of One series of books. There are several of these Soul Groups throughout the Creation.


Group Souls may further divide into individual Souls. Each individual has a Soul that is within the Creation is a Divine I AM Presence. And yet, the Soul is bigger than what we tend to perceive from our individual perspectives. For our Soul, will create “Personalities” that are what we perceive from within our level of Creation. When you incarnate, you are an aspect of your Soul. Your Soul has other aspects of itself living within Creation as you are. All of these are your “future and past” lives. Since all lives are in the now of time they really exist within that now. And yet, from within Creation we may have the experience of these being past and future lives. This is how we perceive the reality. This gives us the opportunity to have “growth” and “experience” of learning how to go back to Source with a further perfected love and appreciation of All That Is. This has been the lowest form of frequency within Creation of self-identity that an individuated aspect of Creation can have that allows them to self-realize their divinity within Creation. This is our journey.

The Journey Back to Source

When you hear of high adepts in spirituality remembering past lives and even their future lives, they have softened their view of themselves as a “personality” and gained the higher view and perspective of Creation from their Soul’s perspective. Thus, they may have a difficult time ascertaining which one is the “true” self as all are valid and true expressions of themselves.

You begin your journey back to Source from this level of Creation. By self-realization of the Divinity that You are and Source Is. So, the only way back is through the same route you came to within this level of Creation. You journey back by shedding all but who you truly are, which is your I AM Presence. The first thing that you lose is your personality. This aspect becomes less of a concern and a limitation to you. As you realize that within the Creation you have experienced numerous lives from all kinds of perspectives you realize that the Divine I AM is what you truly love and that is ever present in all of your experiences. So, you commune more with your Soul. You shed all of the personalities that are neither your Divine Self or your true purpose.
At this level of being, your purpose is to ascend back to Source within Creation. And this step of ascension is to master viewing life from your Soul’s perspective and ascend to the 5th dimension and higher. This is what all must do to journey back to Source.

When one listens to those that have ascended, known as the Ascended Masters, or the Ascended Host; one receives the instructions of how to ascend. Your choice to ascend begins a process whereby you are given the means of shedding more of who you are not, so you may return the true Divinity that You are.

This process begins your leaving limitation. As for some time, you have participated in extreme limitation within Creation. The ascension process brings you into your true Divine nature and powers that you have always had to be and go anywhere within Creation. You regain remembrance of how to be a Divine Creator within Creation.

After being an individuated perfect Soul, you rejoin your Soul Group within Creation. Each time you gain more divinity and power while being an ever increasing greater of the Whole of Creation.
Eventually returning to pure spirit. And from the highest levels of pure spirit you return to Source if you so choose.

The Veil

 The Veil that prohibits the seeing of this from the lower dimensions is not a part of the natural Creation. This veil that exists has been created by man’s discord. The discordant activities that we have Created are the construct that veils the truth from our eyes and our experience. The objective is to remove the veiled sight from our spiritual eyes and ears, so that we may commune with the Perfected Creation and contribute our perfection to this. This occurs more and more so as we ascend. Until we establish the permanent Golden Age that our Earth, Gia will remain in.

Your Divine Makeup

While you really can never leave Source, you may send your life essence out into Creation. This is the Divine Unfed Flame from your I AM Presence’s Divine Heart Flame that joins in Creational experience.

From your corporeal form, you have a higher self that has always been with you in your sojourns here in Creation. This higher self is the same higher self that joins you in each and every incarnation that you have had and will have. While from a personality perspective you change forms in both male and female. Your higher self has been the same higher self in all lives. This aspect of you knows you in and out, so to speak.

While incarnating all that is not of Divine Love manifests as karma. This karma is what makes you who you are. You have many divine aspects and yet while growing you have much discord that you have created. This discord does not touch your higher self. Your higher self remains the Divinity that you are. And above this higher self is your Divine I AM Presence.

Your I AM Presence is the aspect that gives you life in Creation. Your corporeal body is wholly dependent on this unfed flame from your I AM Presence. Withou this you cease to function in the corporeal reality. This is the part that leaves when you “die”. Now please take “death” as a mere state of affairs at a certain point, for in reality there never is a “death”. Instead there is a transition that takes place in between incarnations for self-review and corrective paths. Eventually when you have completed your ascension, you no longer need any aspect of the “death” process. For you will have graduated beyond the need for those types of experiences. You then are an immortal continues life stream with no interruptions nor any memory lapses.

 The true Divinity that you are is never corrupted by your sojourn into limitation. Your I AM Presence and your Higher Self remain untouched by your discord in Creation.


In short you are an ISBE. An Immortal Spiritual Being.

Divine Growth

 The whole purpose of incarnations at this level is to come to the realization of this aspect of yourself. The fact that there is a God and that that God is within you. And that Divinity within you is what and whom you should pay homage to in order to bring your Divinity into this corporeal bodily form.

 It is your I AM Presence that instructs the Ascended Host as to when you have qualified for Ascension.

 When you come to this realization, you begin to merge with your Higher Self and your I AM Presence. You begin the process of reintegrating these aspects in a triune fashion. The moment you are aware of the process and purpose of incarnating, you begin the Ascension process back into your Divinity manifest in Creation as a Corporeal being of Divine Perfection. Known commonly as an Ascended Master. This is your sole purpose within the corporeal body.

 Eventually you will progress further in your journey back to Source of All That Is. However, this is the first process of journeying back up the frequencies. This process is a major catalyst to achieve. And yet, it must be so. For when you ascend into the Ascended Masters Octave of Creation you are opened up to all dimensional experience. Thus, you must be well back into Divine Creation and out of limitation.

Eventually as you proceed in your growth, the need for a corporeal form is less attractive. So, you begin the process of shedding your corporeal form and retreating back into Soul form. You then reach a state of joining in the Group Soul reality. This is much further down the timeline.

Divine Love

 The most powerful, creative and Divine energy within Creation is Divine Love from Source. This is the energy that makes the universe and furnishes the structure for all that reside in it. This is the glue, if you will, that makes everything within manifest Creation. The quickest way back to Source is through the mastery of Divine Love. This is the joy and beauty of Creation. Being able to Create throughout Creation with Divine Love brings perfection and beauty throughout Creation.
We have been moving out of human love and regain our Divine love. Human love is still in limitation. You can easily tell human love, versus Divine love. For human love, will always impose limits. As an example, I love you as long as you do for me what I feel I need and want from you. This is an extreme example of human love. Limitation is the constraint. Divine love, loves unconditionally. You are loved unconditionally from Source, God or All That Is.

Divine Love does not judge, condemn, criticize or recall finding fault. Divine Love is truly the only love. For all other love is in limitation of some form, thus not making it love. Our way out of limitation is to practice and be Divine Love.

The Power of Focus

The Ascended Masters state that we have no idea how our focus manifests our reality. When we focus on judging, condemning and criticizing ourselves and others; we invite the same energies into our lives. Thus, we create our reality with limitation when we invite these energies in by our thoughts, words, feelings and deeds.

The reason the Ascended Masters live in Perfection that is truly manifest in Creation, is because they choose to neither judge, condemn or criticize. For if they were to invite these energies into their realm, their Octave of Creation wouldn’t be the Perfection that it is. So, we too must not be in these states of being. Either mentally, physically, emotionally or through memory. We must drop these limitations that do not belong in our realm.

When we focus on Perfection and our Divinity, we bring more of that into our reality. We bring more and more each day and each time we put our focus on this. This is why decrees are so powerful. For what we decree to our I AM Presence, is what we manifest. Our I AM Presence says “as you wish” and gives you what you are focusing on.

Would we rather focus on gossip and judging and criticizing each other or focusing on our Divinity and our goal of Perfecting Creation further?

This is why the saying that “the former things have passed away. And no longer come to mind…” is spoken of. For where our attention is, is where we are in Creation. We will be very busy in the Golden Age, Creating further Perfection.

Worlds and Systems of Worlds Ascending

 All throughout the Universe, Souls have grouped together for corporeal experiences and gone into Creation for personal growth and experience. And as a whole, these groups of Souls chose the level of “negativity” that they will experience and grow from in their ascension as a people, planet and system of planets.

The Ascended Masters tell us that there are numerous Worlds and Systems of Worlds that have done this growth and experience with no negativity and/or limitation or darkness. They merely went into corporeal form and gathered and grew their ascension experience solely through positive “light” experience.

We have chosen to experience our ascension through a 50-50 balance of light and dark. We started with a balanced state of both positive and negative. With the goal being to transmute that darkness into 100 percent light. However, realize that the light has so much power compared to the dark. Since the light is so more powerful, the true ratio was more like 35 percent light and 65 percent darkness. This allowed for a 50-50 balanced state. As such, our DNA was set to 35 percent active. We were then expected to grow our awareness and realization back to 100 percent positive/light and 100 percent of our DNA activated.

 The reasoning for having darkness in the game of spiritual growth, is that the more darkness that has been experienced the more quickly the transition and transmutation of the negative into light is. The process happens quickly. Much like taking a rubber band and stretching it as far “back into negativity” as possible. And then releasing the tension on the rubber band shoots you very quickly into positivity. This is the experience we chose to go through, here on Gaia.


As we proceed through our Ascension path, we will transmute all limitation and darkness into the Purity of Divine Light, Love and Life. This is our gift to Creator and Creation.

“Beloved  Mighty  I AM  Presence”  


The Upper Figure in the Chart represents the Electronic Body of the  “Mighty I AM Presence,” which is the Individualized Focus of God, who  creates the physical body.

The Circles of Color around the  Electronic Body represent the Causal Body. This is the accumulated good  of all previous embodiments, and is composed of all substance  constructively used in previous lives. It is a Reservoir of energy  constructively qualified, being the sum total of all previous  Self-conscious effort toward Perfection.
The Rays of  Light going forth from the “Presence” are the Divine Mind, or “Love in  Action,” continually pouring out Its Gifts of Perfection into the use of  the human personality.
The lower figure  represents the physical body, surrounded by the Violet Consuming Flame,  held within the Pillar of Steely White Light pouring down from the  “Presence.” The White Light of the Pillar forms a Wall of Protection  around the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, and acts as an  insulation to all discord—all destructive creation of the outer world.


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