Creation Process - Divinity In Us - by Gabriel F. Duran

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Creation Process


Helios and Vesta approached Alpha and Omega of the Great Central Sun. They had to prove that their plan for a Solar System was viable. This they successfully did. And they were authorized to create this new Solar System. The Seven Mighty Elohim, received the plans for this new Solar System. Along with them the Builders of Form began the process of creating this Solar System with seven habitable planets, for the evolutions that would evolve on them in the future.

When Helios and Vesta left the Great Central Sun, they were granted three and a half billion spirit sparks from the Great Central Sun, (Source). These are directly from the body of God, or Source. Helios and Vesta are the rulers of this solar system. Their home is the Sun. They then proceeded to love these individuated spirit sparks, thus instilling their Divinity in each of them. Then came the process for all who chose to attain a physical level of experience within the Creation as co-creators. Any who so chose to serve in the physical plane were to speak the words "I AM". On average only one in twelve did this. As you are here, you did this.

Humans, Elementals and Angels were to all evolve on the Earth. The Schoolroom of Earth was to be completed in each cycle of 14000 years. Each 2000-year span working on a specific virtue of God. And at the completion each one was to ascend into the next octave of life.

There were seven root races that were created. Each root race has seven sub-root races. Each root race would then accomplish their schooling within 14000 years. And this took place as expected and all evolved and ascended.

During the incoming of the fourth root race, a Cosmic Council convened, whose decision changed, drastically, the course for all evolutions of Earth’s mankind, guardian spirits, angels and elementals.

There were billions of life streams that were refusing to go with their planets in the next step of their systems in-breath of their planets in return to Source. They were of insufficient spiritual development to proceed with their planet and system. Those individuals were referred to, by the Masters, as “laggards.”

The Hierarchy of Earth decided in an act of mercy allowed these “laggards” to call Earth home in order to complete their evolution. Thus the total lifestreams that were using this planet as a school for evolving went to 10 billion, from three and a half billion.

Rather than the purity of the holy innocents assisting the laggards, the laggards brought impure thoughtforms that spread throughout the Earth’s atmosphere like a smog. This is the “mist” the Bible talks about (“and a mist arose and covered the whole ground,” Genesis 2:6).

In time, the people of Earth succumbed to the subtle temptation of curiosity. They tuned into the impure thoughtforms of the laggards and started to play with them.

This experimentation with the misuse of free will is what created what is known as the “fall of man.”

In this way, man's attention no longer rested, exclusively, on his inner Presence, the director of his life–activity. Man became sense–conscious, instead of God–conscious, and so, according to Cosmic Law, manifested that upon which his attention was directed and which he thought about most. He deliberately and consciously turned his back upon the perfection and dominion with which the Father endowed him, from the beginning.

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